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Mount Semeru Tourism

    Mount Semeru Tourism is a mountain located in East Java, Indonesia. Standing at 3,676m high, Semeru is the highest mountain in Java and one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. Mount Semeru is a mountain type active stratovolcano located in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) This area is an area of 50273.3 hectares. besides the beauty of natural scenery, the park is also rich in culture (Tengger tribe). This is the main attraction for tourists both local and foreign.

    Mount Semeru Summit
    Mount Semeru Summit

    The Track to Mount Semeru Tourism? 

    Mount Semeru has two hiking trails. The first is Ranu Pane path, this path can be accessed through the city of Malang. And the second is Senduro path, this path can be accessed through Lumajang. From the second path, the path of Ranu Pane is the most crowded and commonly used by hikers. Ranu Pane also there are two hiking trails. The first is the conventional path and the second path -ayek ayek.

    There are several reasons why most climbers prefer trails Ranu Pane. Among them, the distance and ease of transportation to the last village (post climbing). Last village Ranu Pane more accessible than another track. hiking trail that will be written here is a hiking trail through the Ranu Pane.

    Mount Semeru Track
    Mount Semeru Track

    So how can going to Semeru Trekking?

    Most of the people if foreigner they start from surabaya ( Airport, Hotel and Train Station ) with local tour organizer will pick up them by private land transportation driving 4-5h to the last village in ranupane, on the way we can stop having lunch and visit doctor medhical check up for administration semeru summit than continue to the village stay overnight.

    Simple Program Semeru Trekking Tour :

    Day 1 : Start Treeking from Ranupane

    07:00 :
    You’ll need to wake up early having breakfast from the hostel and head out to the village of Ranupane with the help of local people to prepare all equipment and logistic

    08:00 :
    Once at Ranu Pani, you will be required to register at the national post office present there. Your passport will be required for the registration, and you may also be asked for a medical / BMI report to verify your fitness levels.

    09:30 :
    After finishing the mandatory registration, the hiking journey to Mt. Semeru can be undertaken with or without a local guide. From here, you will be trekking all the way to Lake Kumbolo by taking the Eastern trail through Watu Rejeng. The journey can take up to 4 hours. You can have your lunch at the lake.

    13:30 :
    From here, you can move towards the Kalimati base camp. The route will take up to 3 hours to cover. On the way, admire the scenic beauty of the peak of Ayek Ayek.

    16:30 :
    Once you arrive at the Kalimati camp, you can camp at the site for a night and have dinner, before settling in for the night. Some climbers choose to move further up to the Arcopodo camp that saves 1-1.5 hours of journey to the summit on day 2.

    Days 2 : Semeru Summit

    01:00 :
    The trek to Mount Semeru can take 3 to 4 hours in the morning on day 2, for which it is best to wake up around midnight. The trail from the camp now becomes steep so be aware. Having a guide could be helpful for inexperienced climbers for this section.

    04:30 :
    Sunrise usually occurs around 5-6AM, so it is advisable to get to the summit a little before. After spending some time at the summit, you can start with the trek back down to the camp.

    07:30 :
    After a short break at the camp, start the trek back down. Aim to get back to Lake Kumbolo by 10:00 to get breakfast there or just enjoy the view.

    15:00 :
    Arrive back at the village of Ranu Pani and have your lunch. From here, you can get back to your hotel at Malang or Surabaya, or leave for the airport directly. thank you very much for your reading our article mount semeru tourism hopefully this article can be help you.

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