Mount Bromo Tour

Mount Bromo Tour its best seller in east java trip start from Surabaya or Malang Airport, Hotel and Train Station. the best viewpoint to see the sunrise over Mount Bromo is that of Mount Penanjakan. Jeeps and cars usually drop passengers off as close as possible to the entrance to the park, from where they have to walk all the way to the viewpoint.

Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park offers some of the most amazing landscapes in the whole of Indonesia exactly in eastjava. It is especially beautiful at sunrise as the mist rolls over the valley and the sun rises from View Point we can see Mount Bromo Crater. However, arranging going to Mount Bromo can be surprisingly difficult. It’s easy to get over charged, stay in the wrong place or make a silly mistake (like not bring a warm coat).

The Tengger caldera was formed in five stages :

– The original Tengger Mount Bromo was built up by eruption of pyroclastic deposits and lava flows to a height of 4500 m. This original volcano was called Ngadisari, and formed 820,000 years ago.
– Paroxysmal explosive eruptions caused Ngadisari Volcano to collapse and formed Ngadisari Caldera.
– Cemoro Lawang wall was formed by large amounts of ignimbrite flows.
– Paroxysmal explosive eruptions formed the present structure of the outer caldera.
– Recent volcanic activity occurred at six eruption vents inside the caldera. by :

We will help you arrange your Mt Bromo Tour I created this short tour guide. The guide covers everything you need to know to arrange a Bromo Tour. The tour guide has been broken down into easy to navigate sections. A good thing to keep in mind when planning a Bromo tour, then, is that given how popular an attraction this is with the locals, it is probably better to go during the week and to avoid Indonesian national holidays.

Mount Bromo Tour Package Option from Bromo Discovery :

  1. Mount Bromo Day Tour from Probolinggo
  2. Surabaya Bromo Midnight Tour
  3. Bromo Tour Package 2D1N
  4. Mount Bromo Madakaripura Tour 2D1N
  5. Mount Bromo Ijen Tour 3D2N
  6. Mt Bromo Ijen Milky Way Tour

What to Bring : Jacket, TorchLight, Warm Clothe, Trekking Shoes or Sport

Thank you very much for your reading our article information about Mount Bromo Trip hopefully be happy for your holiday in East Java – Indonesia.