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Indonesia its so big country and so very nice when we decide our holiday here because so many Finding your perfect destination has never been this easy. The total area of the Indonesian ocean broader than its land, Indonesia’s land area of 1.91 million km2, while the area of oceans is 6.279 million km2. With such widespread kept many natural resources on land and under the sea is beautiful of Indonesia without having to step outside and take a sneak peek through your favorite spot before planning your dream in indonesia!

As the largest archipelagic country in the world, Indonesia is blessed with so many different people, cultures, customs, traditions, artworks, food, animals, plants, landscapes, and everything that made it almost like 100 (or even 200) countries melted beautifully into one. Every island here is a unique mixture of natural splendors and different cultures of people who live upon it; from the vibrant tourists’ paradises of Bali and Lombok to the mysteriously shrouded cultures of the Asmat in Papua. with rich history that dates back for centuries, Indonesia also holds some of the most fascinating monuments of human civilization. Among these is the imposing Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central Java which the largest Buddhist monument that still stood majestically today with all its spectacular features. Equally fascinating is the Prambanan Temple Compounds which is one of the biggest in Southeast Asia. by : Indonesia-travel

We are Indonesia Travel Package and service handling your trip start from Central Java Bali Overland Tours as following your request as below :

  1. East Java Tour Package
  2. Surabaya Bromo Ijen Sukamade
  3. Java Overland Tour Package
  4. Java Bali Overland Tour
  5. Yogya Bromo Ijen Bali
  6. Bali Ijen Mt Bromo Yogya

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